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there is always something that can be done now. always. even if that means not acting so you don’t go fuck up a sensitive situation or whatever that’s still something. however doing nothing is only doing something if its part of a bigger plan with, well maybe not a fucking road map but a clear idea of what needs to be achieved and a vague one of how to get there. every other type of doing nothing is called procrastination. that’s a killer. get a plan. break it down. stick to it. Its gonna get hard, and  as well as a having a good idea if you are getting somewhere or not,  you are going to need as much of the self-help PMA bullshit in your head as you can stomach. at least i think you will, how the fuck would I know I hasn’t really started yet. I’ve thrown the idea out there a little to a couple of friends but more on that tomorrow.


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