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People always say, that money doesn’t make you happy; and no-body listens to them. I am 26 years old, i have an annual income of close to 200,000usd, i pay less than 15 % in tax and i get 30,000usd a year as a housing allowance. I am not happy. So if it is not money that make us happy. what does? it’s a pretty simple question – what makes you happy? – and its definitely not a new debate or study, in fact I spent a whole semester studying the economics of happiness but i think it’s a question that most fail to answer. I would never be so presumptuous to assume that I can answer this question,  firstly for myself and then for everyone else but I intend to give it a shot. So with the knowledge that happiness is not found in money, I intend to leave my job. I intend to move to the other side of the world and try a living a different kind of life. I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting along the way.


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